Check Out How Celebs Celebrate Their Big Day!

Check Out How Celebs Celebrate Their Big Day!

Have you ever wondered what kind of birthday party you would throw for yourself and your friends and family if you suddenly found yourself in possession of a large sum of money? There’s nothing like a big bank balance to make dreams come true! If you’ve never considered your dream birthday party, we have some ideas for you lined up here as we take a look at some of the craziest birthday bashes thrown by celebrities we know and love!

Floyd Mayweather

While you know him as a professional boxer, you may not be familiar with how incredibly extravagant Mayweather is! Of course, his biggest fans know he doesn’t keep his spending secret, and here we see his love for luxury. Mayweather has had not one but many impressive birthday bashes! Featured at his birthday parties have been Mariah Carey, Jamie Foxx, and even Justin Bieber, to name a few. He also hit headlines when he had a couple of celebs escorted out of his parties – like Tyga. He once didn’t even show up for his own party in Las Vegas, leading to a charge of $35K for his absence – only because he was partying elsewhere in Europe! He loves themed parties, and he is known for gifting himself with extravagant things, like a jet!  He even had a “Bank of Mayweather” party, decorated in bars of gold and wads of cash!

Sean Combs

Combs made many men’s dreams come true when he skydived into the legendary Playboy Mansion and threw a birthday party for himself! The guest list had all the A-listers and included names like Joe Jonas, the Kardashians, Vin Diesel, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jay Z and Beyonce. Combs is the partial owner of Ciroc vodka, so you can imagine how the vodka flows at his parties! In fact, the open bars featuring in Combs’ parties have a reputation for being the cream of the crop! He has taken the opportunity to launch new flavors at his parties, as well.

Elton John

If you aren’t convinced that Elton John is an eccentric character by now, then we don’t know what he hasn’t done to convince you of it yet. John has been spotted on a regular old day in the most bizarre of attires that seem to defy every law of fashion but in the most creative and best way imaginable! Elton has a way of making magic happen when he throws together his ensembles, and the same goes for when he throws a party! For John’s 70th birthday, he had a party celebrating his achievements throughout his life. He even scored a video birthday wish from Prince Harry!

Kylie Jenner

What good would a list of the birthdays thrown by the richest of people be without the youngest self-made billionaire across the globe? We’re looking at Kylie Jenner, and it isn’t new for Kylie to hit the headlines with practically everything she does (secret pregnancy, anyone?). For Kylie’s 21st bash, she celebrated the milestone with a passionately pink party! She donned a pink crystal jumpsuit, and parties in a pink ball pit with guests, the place was decorated with pink floral arrangements and the ceiling couldn’t be seen behind countless metallic pink balloons. That’s not all – a wave of pink confetti fell from the ceiling at one point through the celebrations!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Which man wouldn’t love to live a day in DiCaprio’s shoes? DiCaprio is the ageless hunk of a celebrity who is known to have a soft spot for crowds of drop-dead gorgeous women. Of course, a man of his nature will celebrate his birthday surrounded by what he likes most, so at his birthday parties, there’s always never a shortage of models and stunning ladies. He also likes to deliver on the entertainment side, having celebrity guest performances. At one of DiCaprio’s parties, he had Kanye West, as well as 2-Chainz, perform for him and his guests! He may be extravagant, but he is also generous, having raised more than $3 million for his charity.

Perhaps you’ve got ten some ideas for your dream birthday – and we do hope you find yourself in masses of money to make those dreams come true. Of course, we also hope that we’d be invited to witness it all unfold. For now, we’ll all just hang our jaws in wonder as we read about the crazy spending of our most famous celebrities – it just keeps getting wilder and wilder!