Here Is a List of Businesses You Can Set up without Breaking the Bank

Here Is a List of Businesses You Can Set up without Breaking the Bank

using computer woman businessAs they say, you can never get rich by just being employed. One should have his own business to set up and manage in order to generate a handsome income that could bring wealth. That is why you can see a lot of young entrepreneurs everywhere. But let’s face it; opening your own business is not that easy, especially if you don’t have enough capital. No money or not enough money? Below is a list of companies you can start without breaking the bank.

A handy tip: it’s good to have a stable job first before you start your own business, so if ever the business doesn’t take off, you can get back on your feet much more comfortable, compared to not having a backup plan.

Business You Can Start with Little to Zero Capital

Child Care. Babysitting anyone? Working parents mostly don’t have time, especially on weekdays due to their tight schedules. Some would leave their kids at daycare, but most daycare don’t accept hourly and weekends services, why not offer this service? Start in your neighborhood first to gain clientele.

Bookkeeping. You can offer your services to entrepreneurs who don’t like the hassle of tax bookkeeping.

Translator.  Are you fluent in a particular language? You can offer translation services too.

Data Entry. There are still companies that need freelance data entry providers to digitalize their paperwork. This kind of business still thrives up to this day.

Travel Booking. In this business, you can earn an income by topping the flights’ original site price with yours in exchange for a booking itinerary. This can be very lucrative since a lot of people book flights.

Blogging. Contrary to popular belief, blogging is actually pretty easy. You can set up your own blog using WordPress as a platform. From your blogs, you can earn income through ads, product sales, and sponsored content.

Freelance Writing. You can offer your writing services on a freelance basis. There are a lot of websites that you can sign up to work as a paid freelance writer.

eBook Author. You can publish or write your very own eBook online. This actually sells a lot, especially if you choose a niche that has a wide target audience.

Social Media Influencer. In this job, you will be paid by promoting products and services using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and more.

YouTube Personality. This kind of job will not only give you money but will give you a chance to be famous. You only need your laptop and your bright ideas.

Collectibles Reseller. If you have a hobby in collecting, especially for popular products, then this business is right for you.

Used Book Seller. Why keep those used books lying around when you can sell them? Online sites like Amazon and eBay accepts used bookseller. That’s easy money for something that’s pretty old.

crafts woman handmadeRecycled Handmade Reseller. If you have creative hands that love to create new things out from the recyclable, this business is for you. Your recycled handmade arts can be sold online.

Errand Service.  This business needs an interpersonal skill since you have to deal with real people B2B as you offer your services like lawn mowing, laundry, shopping, babysitting in exchange for a fee.

Graphic Designer. Having a great eye for designs provide a great opportunity. So if you have the talent for designs, then this business fits for you very well.

Business Consultant. If you are a savvy entrepreneur, you can start your very own consulting business. You can do this online and offline.

Life Coach. If you have the power of speech, empathy, and talent to communicate with other people, then being a life coach is a good business for you.

yoga exercise healthyTutorial. Why not offer your mentoring services? You can advertise to any media platform that you are offering a tutoring service for an hourly rate.

Personal Trainer. Are you somewhat good at anything like sports, singing or acting? You can train someone in your free time for a fee.

Yoga Teacher. There are a lot of people who are intoxicated with yoga nowadays. So if you are a certified yoga instructor, why not use that certificate to start your very own practice.

The advantage of starting your own business is you get to be your own boss. If you’re tired of being employed, why not give any of these businesses a try?