If You Don’t Have A Strategy, Your Business Isn’t Going Anywhere! Here’s How You Can Change It!

If You Don’t Have A Strategy, Your Business Isn’t Going Anywhere! Here’s How You Can Change It!

In the world of business, strategy plays an important role. It is essential for a good business to invest in its business strategy, and by making use of this, you make the best use of your business’ resources like time, finances, and labor. But there’s more to developing a solid strategy than just sitting down for an hour or two and then churning out a plan that’s going to work.

Building a business strategy that will work effectively is all based on answering important questions and looking at things from a different perspective at times. Most importantly, you have to understand the strategy language.


Any strategy put together without a clearly defined purpose of the organization in question is senseless and will essentially be a waste of time, energy, and resources. The organization will not have any direction if there is nothing to measure the progress against or to work towards. Your organization has to have a purpose – a reason why it exists. Knowing the purpose of your business helps you establish direction as well, and you can make the necessary decisions to achieve your purpose. The business purpose must be understood by all persons involved in the business, including management, staff, clients, and shareholders.


The milestones in your organization are your business objectives which are aligned with the business purpose. The objectives are basically the business goals, and achieving each of these objectives brings your business closer to fulfilling its purpose.


When you have identified what your organization’s purpose is, ambition will be the drive that motivates you to keep on track and to carry your business to reach its goals and fulfill its purpose. Ambition is given direction by creating purpose-related goals for your business.

Opportunities and Challenges

Your business strategy requires context and from which your business’ opportunities and challenges can arise. As you progress along your route to achieving your goals, there will be many opportunities to help you get closer to the goals you are working towards, as well as many hurdles you will have to overcome in order to get closer to those same goals.


This is the ‘how’ that will take you to achieve your objectives, fuelled by your ambition. A strategy is all about devising methods of aligning resources and making choices that will help you achieve your objectives.


This is the implementation of your business strategy. Tactics are a series of actions that have to be taken in order to put your strategy to work and achieve your objective to fulfill the business purpose.

Ditch the SWOT Analysis

A word on SWOT analysis – it may have once been a useful tool in business, but it has now reached a point where SWOT analyses are only done to complete them, not to understand the context or to be used as the tool it was designed to be. There are restrictions and limitations that accompany this business tool that make it less preferred than other methods, like the strategic radar. The strategic radar unlocks opportunities and is an effective strategic planning tool.

A great business plan is based on understanding the competition, identifying the target market, investigating the unique values the business brings, knowing the resources and capabilities of your organization and seeking where you can add value. Use key insights and toolkits to improve on the way your business goes about implementing strategy and tactics and ensure that there is no disconnect between the strategic plan you develop or have in place and the daily implementation of this said plan. The biggest struggle for many companies is bridging the gap between the developed strategy and the strategy’s daily implementation.

Understanding all the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to get places with your business is important if you want to develop your business to be ahead of the competition in your chosen industry. There are many tools and effective aids available to learn and to master in order to be above average and to charge your company forward. Start making a difference in your business today by developing a business strategy, or by going through your strategy with a fine comb. This is where the magic happens!