Six Ways to Tweak Your Email Marketing for Your Business

Six Ways to Tweak Your Email Marketing for Your Business

email electronic internet messageSome people have the perception that email marketing is obsolete. With the advent of social media and mobile responsive websites, it seemed to have disappeared from the equation. But contrary to that perception, email marketing is, in fact, very much alive (and not dead).

As long as the internet is alive, emails will remain. After all, you can’t sign up for anything unless you acquire an email. This supports the fact that email marketing still holds a lot of potential as a marketing strategy. It has stood as a single medium of communication for several years. A foundation this strong cannot be shaken. This is just a simple testament that it can still work, and it can even be more powerful than other internet marketing strategies, even in this more modern age.

Emails move your level of engagement with your customers and future clients several notches higher by taking your conversations into a more personal environment, making your business appear more legitimate and making your transactions much easier and more effective. It’s the most direct means of communicating, which is why advertisers do not consider it to be a thing of the past even with the rise of other platforms, such as social media.

Email marketing is also cost-effective. Paperless transaction means lesser trees are cut, and waste is reduced significantly. It saves costs, and it saves the world. What more can you ask for from a business strategy?

The Email Content

Being tagged as spam is one of the most dangerous pitfalls in email marketing. This depends on how you handle your emails as you start. There are simply newsletters sent via email that are obviously annoying because of its clichés and repetitive ads. Put, spamming won’t do you any good.

You can tell that your email marketing scheme is successful when you have an exchange of meaningful conversations going. You can use this strategy to bank on your customers’ trust and loyalty to your business.

Here are different ways you can create high-quality content for your email marketing. There are indeed many ways to perk up annoying emails. These tweaks add up to your email’s persuading and luring quotient.

Spice up Your Content

laptop typing computerThe word email sometimes has a reputation for being boring. Gone are the times when we used to send Yahoo e-cards, but if you are not yet aware, there is quite a long list of new content that you can add to your email to make them appear more vibrant and engaging.


Your usual content. Of course, the guidelines set to website content should still be applied. Make sure that you keep things brief and concise. State your facts straight, choose persuasive words and make sure your content is written clearly. Only include the truth because email marketing doesn’t just involve your business’ reputation, but also your integrity and credibility as a person.


Adding headers makes your content appear more organized and easy to read. The customers will be appropriately led to the content that they wish to see, and they also get to appreciate that you also value their time by not beating around the bush.


emailsOnce content contains images, they instantly get plus points. Images stimulate a person’s enthusiasm for certain things. Pick out images that are related to your business and arrange them into an organized layout for the email to look clean and clear.


Relevant videos are also compelling in persuading clients to purchase. Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are good sources of videos if you still haven’t made one for your business.

RSS Feeds

This tweak can make your email appear live. Adding RSS feeds includes live content about updates, blogs, and any information posted online that concerns your product or services.

ecommerce online buying shopping marketing businessE-Commerce

This is your call to action. Embed codes where your customers can purchase your products and services. You can also paste something that will add them to your regular mailing list for them to receive updates and other information about your business.

Just remember that an effective email has deep relationships as its outcome. It should strengthen your connection with your audience. Do your best in delivering relevant subjects with a clear and distinct voice. Keep your emails informative yet meaningful and exciting. Don’t forget that there’s more to emails than just written words.