Three Bad Dating Habits You Need to Stop Doing

Three Bad Dating Habits You Need to Stop Doing

We’ve all been there — experiencing bad dates that we want to forget. But it isn’t always the other person’s fault. One way or another, when we were younger, we are all guilty of bad dating habits that we thought would make the other person more interested in us. But as we grow up and become mature adults, we need to leave those bad dating habits in our teenage years and learn how to approach and handle dates properly, and eventually, relationships.

Perhaps you were not that ready for a serious relationship, or maybe you were looking for something different. But as you get older, you start to look at things differently and might realize that you want something you might not have given even a thought to before. But you can’t expect to get a different or a better result out of the same old techniques that you have tried in the past.

If you are looking for a serious connection and eventually a relationship with someone, you need to stop making lousy dating habits:

Waiting for three days to call the other person

DatingWe have all done this before. We wait for a few days before we ring up the other person because our friends say that it is the “right” thing to do. But is it? You need to stop following this dating cliche. You need to find the courage and throw it out the window. Here’s the thing, you can call whenever you want to call and text whenever you want to text.

You have to be true to yourself. Don’t let a nice girl or a great guy pass you by just because you waited three days to ring them up. You have to stop overthinking every single aspect of dating and start doing what you think and feel is right for you. Just be real because how can the other person get to know who the real you is if you base every move you make on dating cliches? And besides, do you need to wait three days to tell someone you had a good time?

The last-minute “wanna meet up” text

If you are looking for something serious, if you are looking for someone to make a profound and lasting relationship with and not just someone to fool around, a “hey, wanna meet up?” text message at 10 in the evening will not convey that. If you want someone to take you seriously, then you have to let them know that you are serious about getting to know them and not just have them on a booty call. Make plans and try to be creative as much as you can. It does not have to be a romantic date ending in a fireworks display. Just take some time to plan something out, and not just speed dial your date’s number when you need someone to scratch an itch.

Wasting time on people you are not that attracted to

LoveWe have all been guilty of this. At one point, we have stayed too long with someone who we always knew, deep down inside, is not right for us for some reason. Maybe he gives you what you want intimately, perhaps he’s fun to be around, you are comfortable around him, perhaps you are afraid to be alone, or perhaps you don’t want to look for someone new and start over again. Whatever your reason is, it doesn’t matter. Do not waste your time on someone you are not that into. You deserve more than that. If you know deep inside you that it is not going to work in the long run, break it off. You owe it to yourself, and you really shouldn’t lead someone on a tunnel that will eventually reach its dead end.

Dating and relationships aren’t a walk in the park, but they aren’t a science experiment either. You really shouldn’t try formulas that are people believe will lead to success in your quest to find someone. Every relationship is different, and every person is different, so make sure that when you date someone, your moves aren’t based on dating habits, people usually follow. Instead, do what feels right for you and follow your heart.